My name is Riley and I never set out to be an artist.

I started this project not really understanding what went into a comic book. Now several years and thousands of hours later, I’m doing most of the work solo.

I had originally intended to hire an artist to bring my creation to life, but my life sort of got in the way. Any black and white inked pages were done by J.C Grande, a fantastic artist and great person. Check him out at.


If this ever gets big I hope to work with him again.

My name is Riley.

The Comic

Super search is a hastily slapped together reality TV show featuring a group of young teenagers with super powers in a world where powers have officially existed for less than a year.

The world itself exists almost identically to our own with several decades of technological advancement cause by a breakthrough in “graviton” research. This breakthrough spawned the worlds first multinational metropolis spanning from Niagara in Canada to Buffalo in the United States. 

The company that owns this technology, Omni’s Industry, is accused of creating super humans as a byproduct of this development. However, aside from timing, no concrete evidence has been provided to verify this.

What’s different?

The entire plot has been written for the first season of Super Search ahead of time. There will be a definitive beginning and end to the first web comic series. The two things that have always broken my heart about any web comic is when they meander aimlessly to fill content, or worse, end abruptly with little warning and no resolution. Super search will always maintain a consistent pace and always end with a sense of completion.

Unlike regular most comic books, every event from every white label comics project will be tied to a single time line. Every story line will affect and be effected by the time line. It is my mission to avoid retcons, alternate realities, and reboots. By letting everything grow organically and consistently, it opens up the doors for constant new content. I guess I should note here that I will never resurrect any character from the dead unless that is an explicit super power they themselves possess.

The story behind the story.

The events depicted on the web-comic are only half the story. What appears online will be representative of what would have appeared on the television. As such, it will occasionally seem like a chaotic or random event drastically changes the landscape of the show, and some pages that appear to be filler will get splashed in. The full story will eventually be released in a graphic novel.

The Future

Right now I’m working on redoing everything in my own style. Updates and a Patreon will follow as soon as new content is available.

Instead of blogging for the moment I will just edit this page from time to time. Regardless of how it goes, I hope you are enjoying it.